Schneider Electric saved time, money and eliminated plastic waste by working with Armor Protective Packaging® and making the switch to ARMOR SEA Film™ for rust prevention.

Schneider Electric manufactures large, electric panels that require special packaging to prepare them for shipping and/or outdoor storage.  Before working with ARMOR, the process of wrapping the electrical panels in a VCI film was time- and labor-intensive.  It included cutting, taping, heat-shrinking and sealing the protective film each time a panel was wrapped.

Instead, ARMOR proposed the use of its SEA Film™, which is designed prevent rust and to protect metal/metal parts from outdoor conditions, fabricated into large, custom bags to simplify the application process.  ARMOR’s recommendation was designed to reduce the time, expense and the plastic waste of the previous application.

The success of this story is best told by the resulting numbers – in using ARMOR SEA Film rust-prevention bags, Schneider Electric was able to reduce the time spent wrapping each electrical panel from 68 minutes to 25 minutes – that is a 63% time savings.  That time savings, translates to real dollar-and-cents – $1480 per shipment.

For a just-the-facts overview of this success story, check out the official Rustimonial: ARMOR Success Story Schneider Electric.  For more information on Armor Protective Packaging’s full line of packaging products, visit

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