ARMOR’s entry point into the story of Bombshell Betty dates back to August of 2021 when Don Cash, Sr. contacted Armor Protective Packaging® to inquire about Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative Spray. The newly updated 1952 Buick Bombshell Betty was headed for Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, a place known for some of the worst corrosion-causing conditions you can find. Cash, Sr. was looking for a product that could be applied to the car’s aluminum exterior to protect it from rusting and ARMOR was quick to send him all the Dry Coat he could use.

After Bombshell Betty returned home from the Salt Flats, Cash, Sr. contacted David Yancho, ARMOR’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to tell of his experience in using Dry Coat.

“Your product worked — it is the first time on the salt that Bombshell Betty wasn’t covered with rust spots after just one day of exposure!” said Cash, Sr. “We put in a new tubular suspension just before going to Bonneville and we didn’t have time to paint it. So, we sprayed it with your Dry Coat and it looked like a new build, even after 5 days on the salt.”

Cash, Sr. added that Dry Coat worked so well that Bombshell Betty “should be a ‘poster child’ for your product.”

The team at ARMOR was thrilled to hear that Dry Coat kept the car corrosion free and remained true to its name as a rust preventative and we hope to be a contributor to Bombshell Betty’s success in setting a new land-speed record in 2022.

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