Safe. Clean. Easy.

For over 35 years, ARMOR packaging VCI products have been the industry standard for VCI technology. ARMOR products utilize our proprietary VCI Nanotechnology™, and are essential to keeping your shipments, stored items, and in-process metals protected and rust-free for years. All ARMOR products are clean, safe, easy to use and extremely effective allowing you to do what you do best: produce, ship and store metal products.

ARMOR Protective Packaging Global Wrap Paper

See how ARMOR’s next generation of VCI Nanotechnology, the Global wrap- “G” paper, can help you keep your products rust free.

ARMOR Protective Packaging VCI Product Line

ARMOR boasts a full line of rust prevention and rust removal products. All safe, clean and easy or it isn’t ARMOR!

ARMOR Protective Packaging explains how VCI, ARMOR…

See how ARMOR WRAP® VCI Papers can help you protect your valuable metal products from rust.

ARMOR December Newsletter 2012 Poly Film

ARMOR POLY® VCI Films are some of the most innovative in the world in inhibiting rust and corrosion. Watch the video to see how they can help you in your business.

ARMOR Protective Packaging: How to wrap a bulk…

Learn how to wrap an export shipment and keep it from rusting using ARMOR POLY® VCI films.

Desiccants vs. VCI ARMOR Protective Packaging

What is the difference between how desiccants work and VCI packaging?

ARMOR Protective Packaging MPI Foam Emitter Pads

Watch the video to see what ARMOR has available in VCI Foam emitting pads.

ARMOR April 2013 Newsletter Dry Coat

Dry Coat™ is an innovative water-based rust preventative liquid that dries to the touch! Learn more about Dry Coat™ here in this video from ARMOR.

VCI Foam Emitter Pads: Protect Against Rust

Armor Protective Packaging® has expanded their MPI foam emitter pads to perforated customizable sheets for an easy way to protect your metal parts from corrosion or rust.

Rust Prevention Experts Stop Rust From Forming Using ARMOR VCI

This application involves stretch film applied via an orbital stretch wrapper. We offer this video depiction to encourage our customers to think outside the box when it comes to the use of ARMOR’s packaging line.

ARMOR Heat Shrink Film: How To

Armor Protective Packaging demonstrates how to shrink wrap a bulk part using Armor Poly Heat Shrink Film.