Established 1979

Armor Protective Packaging® provides the industry’s cleanest, safest, easiest, and most effective corrosion management systems for metal products. ARMOR’s full line of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging products, desiccants and its rust removal and prevention liquids are designed to protect metals before, during and after transport or storage. ARMOR’s industry reputation as a trusted business partner has been built by serving its customers and preserving their investments for more than thirty-five years.

ARMOR Newsletter April 2012

Welcome to ARMOR Protective Packaging’s inaugural newsletter, the ARMOR Sentinel, launched in April 2012.

ARMOR Newsletter June 2012

Communication to customers about the severe injury John Holden, CEO of ARMOR, suffered in the winter of 2012 leaving him quadriplegic.

Armor Protective Packaging: 35 Years of VCI Protection

ARMOR has been leading the vapor corrosion industry for 35 years with its clean, safe, and easy line of VCI products.

Armor Protective Packaging® 35 Anniversary: Humble Beginnings

We are now happy to celebrate our 35th anniversary with chapter one of our yearlong tribute to our history or Armor Protective Packaging®.

Armor Protective Packaging®: 35th Anniversary Military Approval

In 1983, SKS Industries was granted prestigious approval on the Military Qualified Products List for MIL-PRF-3420.

Armor Protective Packaging® 35th Anniversary: Chapter 3

We interviewed ARMOR CEO John Holden and asked him to talk us through the companys early days.

Armor Protective Packaging® 35 Year Anniversary: Chapter 4

In 1999, John hired David Yancho to lead the sales efforts. Yancho’s background with 3M and FedEx package engineering, along with his distributor sales experience, fit nicely for what was needed at SKS Industries at the time.

Armor Protective Packaging® 35th Anniversary: Chapter 5

In the Fall of 2004, SKS Industries changed the name of the company to Armor Protective Packaging®.

Armor Protective Packaging: Chapter 6 35th Anniversary

During the time span of 2006-2009, the global reach of ARMOR continued to grow as ARMOR expanded to Europe and Asia.

Armor Protective Packaging: Workshop Hero

In 2009, ARMOR launched Workshop Hero™, a new consumer division.

Metal Rescue Success Story

ARMORs pledge to you is “To Serve & Preserve”. We stand behind that oath and we prove it in this video success story.

Armor VCI Paper Success Story

Carl Gibeau an account manager for Armor Protective Packaging tells us about his success story with Armor VCI Wrap.

Success Leads To Customer Delight: Armor Protective Packaging

Julie Eastwood, ARMOR Senior Customer Service Leader, recounts an urgent customer order story – it came at a time when literally and figuratively the “chips were down.

What Makes ARMOR, ARMOR.

Armor Protective Packaging are the experts in rust prevention and removal.

Frank Fritz ARMOR Open House Recap

Frank Fritz of the History Channels American Pickers is a celebrity partner of Armor Protective Packaging’s consumer brand Workshop Hero.

ARMOR Open House Recap

After 35 years in business, it was time for Armor Protective Packaging to grow into a new building.

Success Story: Metal Rescue

ARMORs Metal Rescue™ leaves a customer amazed with its results.

ARMOR Solutions Dry Coat

In this short ARMOR Solutions video we pit Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray against a national competitors brand and let the results speak for themselves.

Customers Rely on ARMOR

ARMORs Colombia partner earns customer loyalty with its responsiveness, education and with the top performance of ARMOR VCI film.

ARMOR Solution in Under a Minute.

This short ARMOR Solutions video shows you how to protect your metal parts from rust or corrosion using ARMOR WRAP® VCI Paper.

Shrink your cost of rust!

In this short ARMOR Solutions video we show you how to protect your metal part from rust by using ARMOR POLY® heat shrink film.

Remove Rust the Clean, Safe, and Easy Way.

Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath from ARMOR is a water based rust remover that only removes rust. Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is safe on everything except rust. In this short ARMOR Solutions video, you will see how clean, safe, and easy Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is to use.