Lockheed Martin’s new F35 Joint Strike Fighter was prepared for shipment, first by truck to the Houston port, and then by freighter across the Atlantic to England using ARMOR POLY VCI Film.

ARMOR VCI packaging is robust and scales from the smallest to the largest parts in the Aeronautics/Aviation products manufacturing and shipping processes.

We provide global support on every stop of the journey for every part protected by ARMOR VCI products – from the first links in the supply chain to OEM production to product delivery. Those who export package trust ARMOR to protect their cargo – and profits.

Corroded and rusted parts compromise safety and production and equate to loss of time, money and human resources.

ARMOR people and products focus on supporting and protecting three areas that impact your business:

  • Cost – Corroded and rusted parts equate to loss of time, money and human resources.
  • Compliance – Corroded and rusted parts compromise safety.
  • Performance – Products protected from corrosion perform better at every stage of the manufacturing process.

ARMOR clean, safe and easy products mitigate the cost that comes with oily, greasy, and unreliable corrosion protection.

This makes ARMOR a strategic partner to our customers in providing the highest-quality equipment at the best price possible.

We are focused on managing costs to ensure that our customers are effectively competing and winning in today’s challenging and competitive marketplace. Contact us today.