For over 30 years, Armor Protective Packaging® has implemented manufacturing processes in our product line and corrosion prevention recommendations that fall under what we now call “sustainability.” Under our sustainability efforts, ARMOR has worked to develop and offer products that eliminate the use of oils, greases and harsh chemicals in favour of safer, cleaner and more effective water-based products.

Today the term “green” is used as a marketing buzz word. Here at ARMOR it has been a long-standing part of our culture and a priority focus for our products from the start. All of ARMOR’s corrosion management products are “sustainable,” they are clean and safe (both for the environment and for the user) and easy to use. We use the clean, safe and easy criteria for every new product we launch and are committed to this philosophy.

To formally identify and further expand our commitment to sustainability, we launched ARMOR’s 7 R’s of Sustainable Corrosion Management. Included in this initiative is the reduction of materials, use of renewable and recyclable products and the reduction by our customers of the use of oils and harsh chemicals.

While we know that being “green” and “sustainable” is important for the environment, we have come to believe that it just makes good business sense.


  • Metal Rescue™ is a water-based rust removal bath.
  • It is safe on everything except rust, including skin, paint, rubber and plastics.
  • Salvaging a part from rust versus scrapping it reduces energy usage, greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint.
  • Other rust removal methods, such as acid baths, are harmful to the environment and to the person performing the de-rusting process.